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This is what we have dubbed a "Collabisode" and it is also somewhat of a "Reunion Tour" as well.  This is Avengers Endgame brought to you by your boys here at The House of D and your boys over there at Broke Black & Bored! 

We have half the goods here and they have the other half over there.  

Come hang with us.  Enjoy our company as we enjoyed each others company while we worked on this "Collabisode".  There is adult language.  There are spoilers.  There are laughs.  There are discussions and disagreements.... (cough cough Multi-Verse cough cough).


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This week, Billiam and I talk about the importance of consistency. The importance of consistency in the kitchen, in the bedroom and how those two can translate to consistency with the gym.

While the Golden One is off taking care of business, Billiam and I sit down and wrap out some One Degree conversations.  I share a number of my failures throughout "wanting" to be better and "wanting" to do better.  I share why these establishments like people like me.... EASY MONEY!

Next week I will share with you a lot of the BULLSHITTERY I have personally used throughout the years that led to the dollar amount mentioned within this episode.

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This week we continue in on the difference that one degree of change can make.  Billiam & Goldie be kickin it with me as we share some laughs, laugh at each other and have a great time talking about something we each love for our various reasons.  If I can get healthy and have a more active lifestyle, why can't you?  Consistency is key...


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Every journey has a beginning and mine was at Ground Zero.  Now Billiam and I get to talk about the difference that One Degree of change can make on your life, kinda like it did for us individually.  

Take the leap of faith & see what one degree of change can do to you!

There is profanity within this episode, however it is the closing of the first chapter in this journey of mine. As Ground Zero comes to a close, what lies ahead for me? What lies ahead for Billiam in his journey? What lies ahead for Goldie and his journey?
Every journey has a starting point & mine was at Ground Zero.

Goldie and Billiam once again join me to continue the conversation of our individual journeys and the benefits of having a great supporting cast around you.


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More Doom Patrol! 

More Doom Patrol Greatness!

More Larry!

More Rita!

More Jane!

More Cliff!

More Vic!

More of that F*CKING DONKEY!

The House of D proudly presents its newest podcast, Losing It w/ The D!

Every journey has a beginning and this is where my journey began: Ground Zero. Along for the ride and sharing their journey's as well are my pal Billiam and my lil bro bro Jaden aka Goldie. Each of us had a starting point and a reason for getting started. The real question here is, what will be your reason for starting a similar journey if you haven't already?

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Doom Patrol Season 1 rolls on.  We rip into the haters for being judgmental and douchey.  Give it a moment, let the season play out.  Its fantastic and just getting started.   

The wait is over! Doom Patrol is FINALLY here and the DCUniverse did not fail us on this show! We absolutely dig this show and are hella stoked to see how it all unfolds!  Tune in weekly to get our take and our feelings of the show!

David and I wrapped this up in late 2018 & I was being brutalized by a cold, so my sincerest apologies for the sounds made....  This here is our Top 10's of the 2010's thus far.  We hope you enjoy and as always, thank you for checking out the show!!!

David and I sat down to do this episode a couple of months ago & per his recommendation I have since watched a couple of the movies he highly suggested that I watch.
We had a blast doing this series of episodes and we hope you enjoy listening to them as well!

Ep 22 | Best of the 90’s

David and I sit down and talk about our Top 10's of the 90's.  We talk about things from Tremors to The Sandlot to Goodfellas to Clerks and a number of things that even The Dude would appreciate.

And we hope that you enjoy our Top 10 Lists as we drop them as well as the great things to come in 2019!!

David and I take a break from watching movies with the holidays and busy work schedules, but take a moment to give you our Top 10 Movies from the 80's.

The Dude abides and I've got Rachel from GriddyFilms.com joining me from California.  Make sure and find her podcast Griddy Films and follow her on Twitter @GriddyFilms.


Special shout out to @JimViciousSCL from @SuplexCityLimit for the recommendation of The Big Lebowski all those years ago.  #ThankYouBrother

Ep 20 | Side A | Taxi Driver

Today I've got Rachel from GriddyFilms.com joining me from California.  We got together to talk about a Martin Scorcese film and ask the question does it hold up to the test of time?  Or does it not?  Make sure and check out GriddyFilms.com and search for her great Podcast where ever you might listen to podcasts and follow her on Twitter @GriddyFilms.

I watched it.  I cried.  It's amazing!  You should watch it too!

Ep 19 | Side A | World War Z

Is Brad Pitt's star power enough to carry this great book turned into a movie?

He has ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!