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This man needs no further introduction... He is the master of mind manipulation... Slaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaade!!!!!!!

Garth...the Aqualad... Slade Wilson...

Season 2 of TITANS rolls on, The Boss Lady enjoys this show and I love that its something we can watch and enjoy together!

@FetchTheGhost is the #GoodBrother Carlos that I discovered on Twitter sometime early 2019 and had the great honor of getting to hang with him (via Skype) quite a few times (we have some things recorded & many more things lined up).

We had such a great time with Josh that he came back for more.  This time we sat down to discuss the King of Monsters.

Kong:  Skull Island.... another one I regret to say that I did not see in the theaters.  I later watched it on Vudu or something of the sort, and found that I really enjoyed this one as well.

Godzilla (2014), the film people bitched about because Bryan Cranston wasn't in it long enough...  A film I regrettably did not see in theaters and truly do wish I would have.

David brings a buddy to join us in talking about Shin Godzilla (2016).  A Japanese Film that did really well overseas and quite honestly, is a million times better than the shit show that was Godzilla (1998).

As we reflect on what has been called Year One, we also have many thanks to give.  Many thanks to give to each & every person who has taken time out of their lives to listen to the content we have put out there.  

Also a very special thanks to the following:

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I was asked when I first got into podcasting, what was it that got me into podcasts in the first place?

I was asked recently what got me into podcasting in the first place.

My answer then and my answer now remain the same. One of the first podcasts I ever listened to was from my #Hero and his heterosexual life mate.... Jay and Silent Bob Get Old.  One of my favorite podcasts out there is on one of my long time favorite forms of entertainment, pro-wrestling.  A potcast done by a hometown bro, @JimViciousSCL which is Suplex City Limits.

Thanks to @ThatKevinSmith & @JimViciousSCL for inspiring.

Thanks to @DMuns44 & @__TheBossLady__ for being along for the ride from day one.


Thank you to everyone who has ever listened to an episode.  We have far exceeded our expectations with downloads/listens and that is incredibly awesome, so THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

The not so hostile, Hostile TakeOver of The House of D has begun.  It's "not so hostile" because my first guest and My Hero Academia regular is none other than The D himself.


Season 4 of My Hero Academia kicks off and so does ANIME w/ The D... hosted by me... David!

My Hero Academia.... an anime that 3 dudes I once worked with pleaded and pleaded and pleaded and pleaded with me to just watch and give it a shot...

I watched it.  I gave it a shot.  I love it.  I binged it.  I need something on occasion to hold me over between seasons and this movie here was just that!

Season 2 of TITANS on the DCUniverse rolls on.... There's a badass named Rose and she's like the daughter of some dude named Slade....



The TITANS are back bitches!!! And so is The House of D!  Stay tuned for all kinds of fire content from your boys here at The House of D.....







We got Musicals coming your way...

We got Horror coming your way...

We got more of our Top 10 lists coming your way...

We have got Anime w/ The D coming your way...

-David has found his way onto the air waves & will take you through various Anime...


I have guests popping up for various pieces of the podcasts & look forward to many more...

Stay tuned and thank you for being patient.  When I started my job 18 months back I did not know that I would get the chance to enjoy the summer and all the amazing family time that I would get with not having to work bullshit hours.  I love my job and all that it has given me. 


That being said.... WE ARE BACK!!!


One last thing....

Thank you to the following for any number of reasons, but mostly thank you for being influential in this podcasting journey:

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Thank you to the following for joining me in this adventure in one capacity or another:

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Cannot forget to thank @DMuns44 for being my co-pilot in this adventure,  @__TheBossLady__ for being by my side throughout this adventure & last but not least my 2 biggest inspirations for doing the podcast thing in the first place..... @ThatKevinSmith (Jay & Silent Bob Get Old) and my hometown bro @JimViciousSCL from @SuplexCityLimit (the podcast channel that has given me my latest fanboy craze.... They Live for Horror...

This is a thing we did for the Patreon earlier this year & now we would like to share this with the world.

This is something that we did earlier this summer for the Patreon.  We would like to share this with the rest of the world.

It has finally happened.... my favorite show of 2019 has come to an end....  

This show was one helluva ride.  Character development... Character arcs that left so many emotions pouring from our eyes....


----You're crying.... I'm not crying....


See you soon for #SwampThing and then #YoungJustice

The 2nd to last episode.... Season One draws to a close, my tears begin to flow....


WTF is a Penultimate Patrol?


I do not know...  In Doom Patrol we Trust....

The Season One finale is way to close for my liking.... I do not want this show to end!!!!

Flex Patrol = more DOOM PATROL BAY-BAY!!!!!!

Cyborg Patrol can mean only one thing..... IT'S DOOM PATROL TIME BAY-BAY!!!!!!


Some crazy stuff goes down here in this episode.  But the team has banded together in a truly awesome way.


However we are one episode closer to the season finale and quite frankly, I am not ready for that...

What more can I possible say than it is DOOM PATROL TIME BAY-BAY!!!!!!!!!!

Closing in on the season finale.

We have reached Episode 11.

It is time for Frances!