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David and I return to the land of zombies, is it a worthy sequel? Is it better?

Ep 94 | Side A | Zombieland

David and I take a trip into Zombieland, an instant classic from 2009!

David and I embarked upon a journey through time and space that resulted in a trip to the #RebootRoadshow where we got to watch #JayAndSilentBobReboot at the #FargoTheater with @ThatKevinSmith!!!!

It was awesome!! It went by hella quick!!  The Q&A was super rad!!  The photo op was AWESOME!!


That's your warning.


The Reboot is finally here and so is the #RebootRoadshow w/ Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes!!!!


We hope that you have enjoyed the ride through this universe and when we get back to the hotel tonight we will recap our night with a brand new episode just for you!!

If you have not seen the Super Groovy Cartoon Movie, I suggest you seek it out and watch it at least once in your life.


Stay tuned for more and we hope you're enjoying the ride!!!

Ep 90 | Clerks 2

Clerks 2, an under-rated sequel within an under-rated universe.  As this episode drops, you could say the official countdown has begun as we make our way to the Fargo Theater to spend our evening on the #RebootRoadshow.


Stay tuned and we hope that you're enjoying the ride!!!!

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and let me tell you we are READY to hang with the #RebootRoadshow crew tonight!!!!!


Stay tuned and we hope you are enjoying the ride!!!

Ep 88 | Dogma

Dogma is next up and who knew that God looked so much like Alanis Morissette?  And of course, as this episode drops we will be pulling into our hotel for the evening.  We will check in, setup the podcast equipment and get ready for our evening with the #RebootRoadshow crew.


Stay tuned and we hope you enjoy the ride!!!!!

Ep 87 | Chasing Amy

Chasing Amy is next up on the trip to the #RebootRoadshow and I believe it is a very under-loved film.  


As this episode drops, David and I will be nearing our destination for the day as we get ready to prepare for our outing with the guys behind this universe when we join them at the Fargo Theater for the stop on the #RebootRoadshow!!!

Ep 86 | Mallrats

David & I continue our trip to the #RebootRoadshow and we move onto Mallrats.  The 2nd film in the universe that was kicked off by Clerks.  


As this episode drops, know that we are in route to the Fargo stop on the #RebootRoadshow.  Stay tuned and we hope you enjoy the ride!!!

Ep 85 | Clerks

David and I kickoff our road to the #RebootRoadshow with Clerks.  The film that kicked off a universe that I have grown with and absolutely love from start to finish.

As this episode drops, we will be leaving town, as we embark up our road trip to the Fargo stop of the #RebootRoadshow.... stay tuned and we hope you enjoy the ride!!!

The title of the episode says all there is to say about this Season 2 Finale.... The suit is badass & as painful as it was to be "patient" as I waited for this moment... It is FINALLY here!!!!!!

Hank is cage fighting, someone has picked up the Hawk suit, Donna & Dawn try to figure out how to get Gar out of Cadmus, Rose has a secret & shares it with Jason and Dick escapes prison to find Jericho!

Dick is in prison "finding" himself. Bruce is assembling the rest of the TITANS for a meet. Season 2 nears its end & we roll on with our love of this series!

Dick goes to prison. Donna searches for Rachel.  TITANS Tower gets attacked by Mercy Graves & Cadmus. Can Gar & Connor thwart this attack?

Dick has a secret that rips the team apart....

The Assault on Arkham is thwarted by the Batman.... and it has got everything you could possibly want in a Batman film!

Batman has a kid, his name is Damien & he's a complete badass! His grandpa is also Ra's al Ghul...

David and I run through another one of our favorite DC Animated films, Justice League: War... if you haven't seen it, may I recommend you do so?

None of that CW Flarrow-verse botchery, this is the good stuff here.  One of my all time favorite DC Animated pieces & I hope you enjoy this!