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This week we talkin about the importance of sleep consistency and sooooooo much more that goes with that.  How can bad sleep impact your day?  How can quality sleep impact your day?  

Going to bed at a consistent time, getting enough sleep and getting quality sleep is just the beginning...











It has finally happened.... my favorite show of 2019 has come to an end....  

This show was one helluva ride.  Character development... Character arcs that left so many emotions pouring from our eyes....


----You're crying.... I'm not crying....


See you soon for #SwampThing and then #YoungJustice

The 2nd to last episode.... Season One draws to a close, my tears begin to flow....


WTF is a Penultimate Patrol?


I do not know...  In Doom Patrol we Trust....

The Season One finale is way to close for my liking.... I do not want this show to end!!!!

Flex Patrol = more DOOM PATROL BAY-BAY!!!!!!

Sometimes in life, shit just simply happens.  Even as this may be something that happens all the time and is "common", it 100% took us by storm.

Staying consistent with the journey is key, no matter what life throws at you.

Cyborg Patrol can mean only one thing..... IT'S DOOM PATROL TIME BAY-BAY!!!!!!


Some crazy stuff goes down here in this episode.  But the team has banded together in a truly awesome way.


However we are one episode closer to the season finale and quite frankly, I am not ready for that...

What more can I possible say than it is DOOM PATROL TIME BAY-BAY!!!!!!!!!!

Closing in on the season finale.

We have reached Episode 11.

It is time for Frances!

What the F**K is a Beard Hunter!?  Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude......... DAMN!





There's more....



Jane needs our help! To The Underground we must go!!!! Or at least Cliff shall anyway....



What is Danny Street you ask?  Sometimes you just have to go and find yourself....

Even our heroes need therapy sometimes....


More of all the greatness I have come to expect from this fantastic show!

More of all the glory that has got be forgetting all about TITANS!!! Which I loved by the way.....

It's that time again..... DOOM PATROL BAY BAY!!!!!!!


Seriously, best show of 2019 and we are only a handful of episodes in on the season.  Don't come at me on it, you're 100% not changing my mind!


I love this show.  I cannot stress it enough.  Its fun.  Its weird.  Its wonky.  It's got the very best Nobody ever.  

More Doom Patrol! 

More Doom Patrol Greatness!

More Larry!

More Rita!

More Jane!

More Cliff!

More Vic!

More of that F*CKING DONKEY!

Doom Patrol Season 1 rolls on.  We rip into the haters for being judgmental and douchey.  Give it a moment, let the season play out.  Its fantastic and just getting started.   

The wait is over! Doom Patrol is FINALLY here and the DCUniverse did not fail us on this show! We absolutely dig this show and are hella stoked to see how it all unfolds!  Tune in weekly to get our take and our feelings of the show!

This week I had the distinct privilege to get to sit down (via Skype) and talk about a weight loss journey that is frankly INSPIRING!  I got to sit down with Paul Minor who y'all can find at:



I came across this genuinely awesome dude on Twitter a couple of weeks back and we share a similar journey with similar starting points.  As it turns out, we have also got similar year end milestones for ourselves.  

Super cool dude, so hyped to follow him along his journey and cannot wait for football season so we can give each other grief for being AFC West Divisional Rivals.... He is an Oakland Raiders fan and I am a Denver Broncos fan.

One amazing thing that immediately came out of this great conversation is that Paul challenged me to get started on #DDPYoga and to do so right away.  Paul himself has been doing so and has helped him out tremendously.  Since starting it the day we recorded this episode, my back pain has gone down drastically & have since been able to actually lift weights again at the gym.

Check out my dude @PaulMinor4real and make sure and throw some support for this awesome cause he is rallying behind go.rallyup.com/cure4thekids.  It is a super rad cause and worth supporting!



This is what we have dubbed a "Collabisode" and it is also somewhat of a "Reunion Tour" as well.  This is Avengers Endgame brought to you by your boys here at The House of D and your boys over there at Broke Black & Bored! 

We have half the goods here and they have the other half over there.  

Come hang with us.  Enjoy our company as we enjoyed each others company while we worked on this "Collabisode".  There is adult language.  There are spoilers.  There are laughs.  There are discussions and disagreements.... (cough cough Multi-Verse cough cough).


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This week, Billiam and I talk about the importance of consistency. The importance of consistency in the kitchen, in the bedroom and how those two can translate to consistency with the gym.